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We currently have 15 partnerships with Co-Production markets, representing audiovisual diversity in Europe and around the world, with all type of projects, from features fiction to documentary, animation to TV series. You can discover around 200 projects on Coprocity, waiting for coproducers and financers.
Cineuropa partner
Cineuropa is our media partner, with regular news covering Co-Production Markets or projects.
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Polish days
Meeting point vilnius
Sofia meetings
Tidf agora thessaloniki pitching forum
Goteborg nordic film market tv drama vision
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Laff industry
Ventana sur
Baltic event
Agora crossroads co production forum agora docs
Young horizons industry co production forum
La fabrique
Purpose of Coprocity

Why Coprocity?

Coprocity offers you many tools, such as following projects to get updated about their progresses, request sensitive documents to the project holders, connect and discuss with other professionals, or take notes during your meetings to find them up in one place.

Who is on Coprocity?

All professionals from audiovisual sector, with a track record in their field of activity: producers, ditributors, sales agents, public and private funds, broadcasters, ... More than 1 000 people already have an account on Coprocity. A users’ list is available on our platform.

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Professionals having access to Coprocity are selected by our partner markets or team. You can also log in with a Cinando account or make a request here to create an account and we will get back to you in the following days.